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Cigar Rant #17 That Ain't Hatin

too many believe that the measure of success is having "haters" and too many people believe that any form of criticism is considered "hatin"

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Its no secret that blenders are using a ton of Nicaraguan tobacco and the cigar smoking world is better for it.  I will have to admit that tobacco from San Andreas, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Brasil, and Conneticut are great but the fidelity of Nicaraguan tobacco to the modern palette is immutable. In other words, there are many high quality tobacco producing regions but only a few have the full flavor, body, and complexity desired by the modern smoker in the form of a puro (a cigar with wrapper, binder, and filler from the same country).  
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Room 101 Namakubi Paired With Hakushu 12 Year Old Japanese Whiskey

Cigar Rating = 8.8

Bourbon Rating = 9.0

a delicate balance of medium body leaning to full with flavor; the cigar has perfect construction and draw; the whisky is clean with lemon zest and honey sweetness

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