I am a consummate people watcher. One of my favorite pastimes at the cigar lounge is to observe other smokers as they converse, pure a glass of wine, light a cigar, or even walk across the room (stop acting like I’m weird, we all like to people watch).  I observe how they cut or punch their cigar, if they have a nice lighter or not, if they prefer a cedar spill, and if they use a leather case or a zip lock bag.  But that is not enough to truly form any idea of who they are--oh no.  I need more empirical data.

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Cigar Rant #27 Calm Down: Its Just An Opinion

Everyday we get weaker and weaker as Americans that loose it over simple opinions.  When did we get so soft?

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Cigar Cufflinks

Felix Assouline's Two Saints Paired With Bruchladdich's Octomore

Cigar Rating = 9.5

Whisky Rating = 10.0

the best dam single malt Scotch on the planet paired with a rich and creamy cigar; smokiness fused with sweetness. 

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