EP Carrillo Dark Rituals Paired With Ron Zacapa XO Rum

Cigar Rating = 8.9

Rum Rating = 9.7

a majestic dark cigar with complexity and balance paired with the best damn rum you can get your hands on.

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Cigar Rant #22 Homeless Flavors 

if terroir implies that flavors have a home then it must be true that flavored cigars and spirits are homeless.  Flavors come from real places by the hands of real people with real skill.  Bullshit comes in the form of commercial products.

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Cigar Cufflinks

I frequent about 10 cigar bars in NYC and Northern New Jersey and while they all have similarities (good people, great cigars, and service they also have their own flavor and characters).  They have different structural dimensions, the humidors are designed differently, some have more cigars, some have lesser but more premium cigar

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