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RoMaCraft Cromagnon Paired With Diplomatico Reserva Rum

Cigar Rating = 9.3

Bourbon Rating = 9.1

one of the best cigars you can buy under 10 bucks making it an excellent everyday cigar paired with an exquisite rum that also offer tons of value for the price.  Great sweetness for a cigar.

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What is it about a cigar that draws us in?  Is it the euphoric high of the nicotine, the cheerful banter of other smokers in the lounge, pairing a puro with a single malt, or the feel of a balanced lancero between your fingers--you name it but I certainly lean to the latter.  I believe it's the flavors of the cigar mostly but also a combination of the others with no exception for the relaxation normally associated with the cigar experience.  

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Cigar Rant #21 4 Reasons Cuba Will Not Capture 70% of The US Cigar Market 

the US smokes 300 million cigars a year and Cuba makes about 250 million cigars now.  There is no way they can make and additional 210 million cigars in 4 years

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