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Cigar Lounge Violations

A few things you should not do at a cigar lounge in my humble opinion

It's Not What You Think Its How You Think

Climate change is serious and there is no room for going with your gut.  How we think that whether it involves facts really matters. 

Do Aficionados Smoke Flavored Cigars?

Flavored cigars have come a long way but in the end they are still flavored cigars, which begs the question.  Is a flavored cigar an abomination to the cigar gods? 

Shut Up & Let Me Smoke

I know that cigar smoking is not heathy but neither is tap water, sugar, cake, cookies, driving, drinking, walking in NYC, etc.

Cuban Cigars vs Cuban Tobacco

the thing that excites me about the possible end of the Cuban embargo is the possibility of blending Cuban tobacco with other tobacco types that we have come to love while the embargo changed the landscape. 

Relax With The Bullshit

I know a guy that said he could taste horse sweat when describing a cigar's flavor profile, Hmmmmmm

Defending the Marriage

If you sip a fine Cognac while smoking a cigar the Cognac will saturate your saliva and the head of your cigar which is just like dipping your cigar

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